Why are cat paw pads different colors?

You might not have ever thought about what color your cat’s paw pads are, or why. The color of the pads generally coordinates with your kitty’s fur color, which makes sense. But sometimes, the paw pad color will match the nose.

White cats usually have pink pads, and the same goes for ginger cats. Black kitties have black pads, and gray cats have gray pads. Tuxedo cats can have pink, pinkish-white, black or a mix of these colors on their paw pads. In cats with multiple coat colors, like Tortoiseshell or Calico, you’ll see interesting color combinations—maybe two pink jellybeans and the rest black, or multi-colored pads and toes.

These cute toes belong to Gilbert…a super-handsome black-and-white tuxedo who was recently adopted and sunning those toes in his new home!

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