Stray HELP is a foster-based organization. Our primary program is trap/neuter/return. We do not take in personal pets or found animals.

What to do when you find a cat:

Friendly Cat

Safely capture and contain the cat in a spare space in your home or office. Do not “mix” the cat with your personal pets. Post a picture and general location where the cat was found on your local “Lost/Found Pets” FaceBook pages.

Call your local vet office or shelter and ask to get the cat scanned (it is free). If the cat is microchipped; report the cat has been found by calling PetLink at 1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465) or by calling HomeAgain at 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242). If the cat’s microchip is registered, they will contact the pet parent. * If the chip is not registered, ask who the implanting organization is and reach out to that organization.

If the cat goes unclaimed, and you cannot keep the cat, call your local shelter for an intake appointment; please be patient if your shelter cannot take the cat right away.

If you decide to keep the cat (yay!), it is very important to get the cat vetted before integrating the cat with your other pets.

Community Cats

These are unowned cats that live outdoors. They are still part of the domestic cat species, but are not socialized to humans.

We help community members care for cats in their neighborhood with our trap/neuter/return and colony management programs which include our Crunchies and Munchies Program and Sheltering resources.


Please seek help from a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for questions regarding wildlife you are concerned about.

Visit DEC to find a wildlife rehabilitator near you.