Tips for Bringing Home Lost Cats

Aside from worrying pet parents sick, we understand how risky it is for cats to be outside. Here is a list of things you can do to help bring Cat back home safely:


Notify the agency where you adopted Cat right away so they can help you get word out to the community.

If Cat is microchipped (highly recommended) notify the chip company immediately. They will send notice to folks who have requested such information in your area.

Make a flyer with at least one picture of Cat and include: your name and contact info, date and area missing. Cats do not generally venture very far! Post ALL over your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhood (place flyer inside a clear plastic protector to shelter from rain). Leave on community boards, telephone poles and road signs. Drop off at surrounding vet clinics and offices, including the emergency clinics in your area.

Post on your FB page, the FB page of local rescues and ask them to share (so it lands on their FB wall), post on local lost pets pages; ie: Lost Pets of The Hudson Valley

At Home

Call Cat from your house only and at varying times of the day – do not walk around the neighborhood calling as this will confuse Cat. Looking around the neighborhood is great, but don’t call out. A typical house cat won’t even know your name if it gets out and is scared. Don’t be hurt, they have an incredible instinct to protect themselves and they are feeling threatened outside.

Shake dry food bowl and tap on wet food can. Leave a small bowl of food only during the day or very early morning (to avoid bringing in potential rivals for the food).

Place waste from Cat’s litter pan near the house – it will help Cat recognize where he is.

If you have a trail camera available to you, set it up. House cats can get very confused when out of their element, and may not even respond to their parents. A trail camera can help you get a better idea of what’s going on when you’re not present.

Set a humane trap to capture Cat. It is the fasted, and safest way to capture Cat and bring her/him back into your home.

DO NOT lose faith that Cat will come home. There is power in positive thinking! Cats have been recovered in cities, new neighborhoods, long distances, after days, weeks, or even months. Most likely Cat will not go far in the first several days it has gotten outside.

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