What is a “Cat Colony”?

A colony of cats is a group of feral or free-roaming cats that share a territory. This territory is usually focused on a source of food and water. If you are feeding a group or colony of cats then you are considered their colony caretaker – thank you!

Despite the “stand-offish” nature of many feral cats, once food, water, and/or shelter has been provided for the colony, they will begin to depend on you for long-term care. Colonies that are cared for can thrive for many years and the responsibility should not be taken lightly.

If you do not have the time, space, or monetary resources to handle this long-term commitment, then do not begin to feed the cats.

However, you can still help. Reach out to neighbors who may also be concerned about free-roaming cats and try to form a team to help. There may already be a caretaker feeding and sheltering the cats; you can offer them help. You can also contact us to discuss the details of the situation and ask for guidance. Community Cats are a community issue and the more people involved in the solution, the better chance we have to gain control of the overpopulation crisis we face.

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