Who We Are

Founded in January of 2015, our organization works with members of the community to help cats in need. We conduct trap/neuter/return and place projects and train homeowners and business owners how to properly care for free roaming cats on their property and in their neighborhoods.

Some of our partners have included Marist College and the Beacon Housing Authority. Our organization has also worked with homeowners and privately owned residential complexes such as Garden Homes Management in Beacon.

Stray H.E.L.P. also loans equipment and coordinates a monthly low cost spay/neuter clinic. We offer support and guidance to community members but often find ourselves subsidizing the spay/neuter and vaccination against rabies of individuals’ cat(s) so they don’t have to relinquish their beloved pet to the local shelters.

Jada, special needs, one eyed cat.
Rescued Kittens
Fred and Barney, rescued 2015
Some of the rescues from a mobile home community that is being condemned in Poughkeepsie, NY. Dozens of cats and kittens will lose their homes as winter settles in.